Monday, July 21, 2014

A kids view

Hi I'm Adair. I want to share with you my points on Williamsburg. Well actually mostly the governor's ball. We were all really excited to get there. We went to a tavern for dinner.  Once we were done me and Robert sparred with wooden toys. Crowds gathered around taking pictures. I guess no one heard the Hancocks were in town!

We put each other in the stocks and pretended to decapitate each other. Even Eliza commited a crime worthy of the stocks! 

We saw a long line at the governors palace and knew it was time to go in. We enjoyed learning how to do the pleasantries that you do at the beginning and end of each dance. The people who ran the ball did a couple of dances first. 

Then they started picking people to dance, too. They would tell us what to do and then we would go over it and do it to the music. Everyone in our family except for Bradley danced at the ball including Eliza. No one had to ask for me and Robert to dance they could tell we wanted to. I danced probably three times. Every dance but one had at least one Hancock in it. 

When mom danced  Eliza  could not stand the thought of mom dancing with anyone except dad. It was a hour long but felt more like 10 minutes . I wish we could of danced all night. I was having a great time even though I couldn't get my lefts and rights right. I wasn't too good but neither was anyone else so I was not embarrassed. 

It turns out that no matter what the age of the man it is still hard to talk to him. What am I supposed to say to a man who asks me if I danced before because it seems like it? Anyway after what seemed like 10 minutes the ball was over.
I have to say I wondered the whole time if you were supposed to wear a sun hat to the ball. Robert danced so many times they started calling him Master Robert. What about a title for me? Mrs. Adair. No more like Lady Adair. 

By the end of the day I could see why so many people work at Williamsburg. Guess who found a college summer job! Even though you don't get paid much it is an awesome experience. Most likely that is. I hope that many more people get to come and experience the same fun. Including you.

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  1. Adair, great job on your post and very well written! I hope you blog again. You're doing an awesome job helping your mom on a very exciting trip.