Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Trust in Jesus

I have to start with life's lesson today. We had a great time in Atlanta - so much fun that I made the decision to stay longer and drive at night to Charlotte. Bad idea...rush hour traffic may be worse than Houston and driving in the dark during a heavy (just doesn't describe it well-enough) thunderstorm is one of my least favorite things.

It was that rain that blinds you from the cars in front of you. The kind of storm that even when I'm not the driver I'm gasping, wincing and holding the car seat in a death grip sure we won't make it. I was a little panicked (a safe panic as not to cause alarm or put our sweet children in anymore danger). I had Adair helping me navigate the road by reading signs and adding a young pair of 20/20 eyes to the road. I was also praying - usually in situations like that my prayers consist of Please God...Please God...I never really get the prayer out and assume he knows what I want to say to him.

Adair confidently spoke up. "Mom, I just saw a sign that makes me feel safe. It was a billboard that said Trust in Jesus." Just like that I started to breathe, relax, and act like the Captain of this ship.

Trust in Jesus...three words that can change the course of the situation to a sense of calm and control. God is so good.

Atlanta was fun. We checked out the Georgia Aquarium and the Atlanta History Center. We liked the Aquarium but the History Center was our favorite!

We enjoyed farm life at the Smith Family farm. Who knew there were sheep and chickens in the middle of Buckhead!
We toured Swam House which was built in 1924 by the architect Philip Trammel Shutze. Eliza let us know it was not an impressive Cinderella castle but she did enjoy playing tea party in the children's room.

We spent the rest of the afternoon in the Civil War exhibit. It was the perfect overview of the four years of the war and everyone from 11 to 2 enjoyed it. We spent 3 hours in the exhibit (it's really not that big) and Adair told us she felt a little rushed. I loved seeing what parts of history interest each child. Even Robert the one that usually says something is boring or not fun found his interest. The history of firearms and ammunition that was used during the war and the difference between the technology in the North and South.

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  1. I thank God for our children. It's their pure and unconditional faith in Him that reminds me that's how my faith should be. You are blessed with great children. Enjoy your travels!