Friday, July 11, 2014

We Survived!

We (I) survived the past 72 hours, which had nothing to do with my perfectly planned trip. Tuesday morning a stomach bug took two kids down (for maybe three hours) and took me for what I was sure my last day on earth. I lost an entire day of packing, prepping and completing various projects! I woke up Wednesday in a fog realizing that I had very little time to get everything ready for our launch on Thursday!

5:00 am on Thursday came very early and I finally got us off at 6:45 am. Let's be honest - all of the enthusiasm, excitement and inner strength I had on Monday was a distant memory. I was feeling a bit defeated before I even drove out of the driveway. The good strength and commitment for this trip grew stronger with every mile we drove and we drove a LONG way!

We made it to Montgomery, AL and the stretch from Mobile to Montgomery on I65 North was so beautiful and peaceful. God gave me a great lesson this week. He simply reminded me that life is not perfect, there will be days that don't follow my plan, and I'm traveling with 4 children that each have their own definition of fun. He also reminded me that if I lean on him, show patience, forgiveness and kindness the day will end with great memories and a smile.

Last night we went swimming at 10pm under the full moon and cool breeze. (Yes, I let my children stay up late when they have been a hostage in a car for the past 10 hours).  We laughed and ate pizza and went to bed ready for what lies ahead...

Tip for Day 1:
So how does one survive 9 1/2 hours on the road with 4 kids?
I find money talks...I made it quite clear before we left home that for every complaint during the ride to Montgomery I would deduct $1 from their spending money. I only collected $5 ($3 of which was my own fine for have to practice what you preach and they called me on it!) Also, I completely got over my fear of my children going deaf from headphones and drove in a completely silent car. It was like driving while meditating. Silence is a pure luxury in my house!

Sneak Peak into our plan for Today - Today is all about Civil Rights!  Rosa Parks Museum, Selma to Montgomery Voting Rights March, Dexter Avenue Baptist Church....How far do you think we will get?


  1. Enjoy your time with your family! As mother of 4 boys, we traveled many times back East to visit family. It takes patience, planning and lots of love, I treasure the memories from those trips- good, bad and funny. God bless you in your travels.

  2. Be safe and have fun! I look forward to reading about your travels and adventures!