Tuesday, July 22, 2014

We are Back...

After spending the entire day Monday in the hotel doing nothing but watching television, playing video games and going to Whole Foods to get some of our favorite foods, we are back in business!

We welcomed Zaza to our big adventure Monday evening and kicked-off DC with a private night tour of the monuments and our Nation's Capitol. Before you get too impressed the additional charge was minimal for the six of us to have our own driver and tour guide and be picked up at our hotel. It didn't matter how loud the toddler tantrum was - our family was the only ones that had to endure it.  (There was no time for Zaza to get acclimated she had to jump right in). 

We saw the Vietnam, Korean War, WWI, WWII Memorials, Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, White House, The Capitol, Supreme Court, Library of Congress, Pentagon, Arlington Cemetery, Washington Monument, and everything in between. We heard great stories and history on each while deciding on our  own time when to get out and when to drive by. It was a great overview of the city and start to our DC trip.

Today I successfully got four children and one grandmother on the Metro from Old Town to the Smithsonian. We, and the rest of the summer vacation crowd, enjoyed the Air and Space Museum - think lines like Disney World. We had a great lunch and time at the Native American Museum with no lines, great food, and a wonderful area for children on the third floor.

After letting the boys run around on the Mall, we headed to the National Art Gallery and ended our day at the Natural History Museum. There was total disappointment when we found out the dinosaur exhibit is closed for renovation, but all was right in the world once we hit the gems and minerals exhibit. A rock lovers paradise!!

We ended our day with everyone making the Metro back to our hotel. The energy level for the younger folk is definitely back. Hoping to find a way to bottle that for the 39+ crowd!

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