Monday, July 14, 2014

LaGrange, GA?

We left beautiful Alabama on Saturday to head to LaGrange, GA. What? You've never heard of LaGrange, GA. It is well worth the 20 minute drive from Callaway Gardens to visit Explorations in Antiquity Center.

Developed by Dr. James Fleming, The Center includes a walk through an archaeological garden where full-scale replicas of structures relevant to daily life in Biblical times bring history to life. We toured the life of a shepherd, farmer, and village and had a clearer understanding of the history and culture in the Biblical world. (Thank you Jo Lynn Anderson for the recommendation!)

They have wonderful tour guides or you can opt for a self-guided tour which was the perfect pace for our brood. Adair did a magnificent job of following the guide book and keeping her brothers engaged while I observed what two-year-olds did in biblical times.

She was so dirty and having so much fun. If you are concerned about the markings on her face it's just lipstick.

Our tour guide kept us informed and referenced several bible verses that speak of daily life. We finally have a visual for what it was like to thrush grain!

Bradley and Eliza enjoyed the tent.
This really is the closest we will get to the Holy Land anytime soon and the kids enjoyed it. We left LaGrange and headed to Callaway Gardens to the butterfly garden. What a relaxing way to end our Day 3 tour. We sat in there for an hour hoping a butterfly would land on us.

And some took the hope into there own hands until no fun Mom reminded them that was against the rules.

We were all smiles reflecting on this day until the dreaded Eliza tantrum as we checked into the hotel. We sat on a bench for 30 minutes while she screamed she didn't want to stay there. I have to agree with her that the Inn was something out of National Lampoon's Vacation but didn't expect a toddler to already have such discerning tastes.

The hotel won us over with their delicious food and Southern hospitality. Do you see an ongoing theme here?

Day 4 was all about water fun! We headed to Robin beach at Callaway Gardens where we swam in the lake and the older kids played on Aqua Island obstacle course. A really great price. For $10/hour they can play out there until they are so exhausted they have no ability to help you lug all your beach junk back to the car.

We then headed over to Mr. Carson's vegetable garden where I dreamed this was my vegetable garden. It really was beautiful and inspirational. This is where PBS's Victory Garden was filmed.

We loaded the mini and made our way to Atlanta late Sunday. First stop...

Lessons Learned Day 3/4 - My children are hotel snobs. 

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  1. Are you going to visit the Coke museum in Atlanta - if so, I can only imagine that day's lesson will be on how sugar and caffeine affect the kids :-)